Garden Supplies in Templestowe

Two suburbs to the South East of Templestowe is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies  so ideally located to supply all of your Building Supplies and Garden Supplies. Anything from a full 10 metre load of packing sand or ½ meter of premium Organic soil in a small truck, at Surrey Hills Garden Supplies we are your quality garden supplier for deliveries in Templestowe. Our store is located at 682 Canterbury Rd Surrey Hills. Feel free to call past the shop 6 days a week and see the team and we will be more than happy to show you what we carry in stock. We carry a large range of garden supplies and building supplies. Everything from mulches, soils, sands and bags of pebbles. All the products are all listed on our website Delivery to Templestowe is a flat rate of $50 and we deliver Contactless 6 days a week. We are usually able to deliver to Templestowe within a few hours. Ideally book your delivery the day prior on 9890 3901, we are open from 7am till 4:30pm.

Product Range

The large range of Garden & Building supplies include:

  • Mulches – We carry 4 high quality mulches,10 mm and 20 mm pine, Black mulch, and Organic mulch.
  • Synthetic Grass supplies – 6 types of Synthetic grass and all install items such as Kiln dried sand, glues, tape and advice on installation.
  • Stone & Gravel – Crushed Rock, 14mm Screenings, concrete mix, scoria, Tuscan Toppings 1/4 minus screenings and crusher dust.
  • Soils – We stock both our popular Blended soil and premium organic soil.
  • Sands – We carry 4 types of Sands, white Brick sand, washed sand, triple washed sand and kiln dried sand.
  • Cement – We carry GP (General Purpose, Builders cement, Off White Cement, rapid set and Mortar).

Contact Us Today

For any of your building supplies and garden supplies in Tempestowe, Surrey Hills Garden Supplies are the local Garden Supplies store. Contact us on the phone 9890 3901, Email – or Instant Message on the new website.