Core Fill concrete blocks, BUILDING & GARDEN SUPPLIES IN Malvern

Located only 6km South-West of Malvern is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. We have an extensive range of building and garden supplies for both tradesman and general public of Malvern. Besser blocks, also known as concrete blocks, render bricks or incinerator blocks, are used in construction. If you are looking for core fill concrete blocks for a building site in Malvern, then Surrey Hills Garden Supplies has the right product for you.

Concrete blocks come in a variety of sizes.

If you looking to source core fill concrete blocks, building supplies, and garden supplies in Surrey Hills, then look no further than Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. Located at 680 Canterbury Rd Surrey hills, we can get the product around to your site within 2 hours!

Concrete blocks

  • are used in the construction of houses, offices, carpark walls, and industrial buildings
  • can additionally be used for commercial retaining walls or garden walls.
  • are made from a mix of sand, cement, water, and additives.
  • ideal for forming external load-bearing walls in a building.
  • when reinforced with concrete, they provide substantial strength and stability
  • have excellent impact resistance and racking capacity.
  • sizes are: 20-01 > 390 x 190 x 190mm or 9”x 3”x 4-1/4’.: 15-01 > 390 x 140 x 190mm or 9”x 5-1/2” x 4-1/4”.
  • Rendered bricks and old reds are 230 x 75 x 110mm or 9”x 3”x 4-1/4”.
  • We also carry in bulk Conmix with Washed sand and 14mm screenings and corfill with 7mm Aggregate.

Building supplies available include

  • bluestone pitchers
  • wooden pegs
  • star pickets
  • subfloor vents in single and double vents.
  • bricklaying ties
  • dampcourse in a variety of sizes.
  • hessian rolls and bags.

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