Bar Chairs

  • SHGS carry 4 sizes of Bar chairs to support reinforcing steel for concreting.
  • Sizes are 25/40 + 50/65 + 75/90 and trench bar chairs for 8-12mm steel.

Besser Blocks

  • Besser Blocksare commonly known as 20-01’s + 15-01’s, some typical application for Besser blocks would be : Concrete block homes, Vertical block walls, Basement and carpark walls, Commercial Retaining walls, garden walls and fences.
  • Sizes are: 20-01 > 390 x 190 x 190mm or 9”x 3”x 4-1/4’.: 15-01 > 390 x 140 x 190mm or 9”x 5-1/2” x 4-1/4”.
  • Rendered bricks and old reds are 230 x 75 x 110mm or 9”x 3”x 4-1/4”.

Bluestone Pitchers

  • SHGS Carry Bluestone pitches which have been reclaimed from building sites. They vary in texture, weight and sizes. As a guide, typically the sizes would be around 300 x 200 x 150mm.
  • We would usually carry a couple of pellets in stock and clients are welcome to come in and peruse the stock.

Brick Weld

  • SHGS carry a 50 Mtr 4 line roll of Brick weld.

Broom Heads

  • At SHGG we carry a very large range of Broom Heads. From 100 to 600mm Broom heads for a variety of applications.

Available in:

  • From 100mm – 600mm Length


  • SHGS carry 4 sizes of Dampcouse.

Available in:

  • 110mm – 230mm – 300mm all in 30 metre rolls.


  • SHGS carry both Hessian bags and rolls of hessian.

Hoop Iron

  • SHGS carrys 3 sizes of Hoop Iron for Bricklaying
  • Sizes are: 5mtr , 10mtr + 25Mtr rolls.


  • We carry a range of the coloured Colour Linx oxides which are both reliable and efficient, ensuring that our customers will be fully satisfied with the results. Blended from high quality iron oxides, Colorlinx pigments are added directly into the concrete truck’s mixing barrel where the colour is dispersed into the concrete. The product is carried at SHG in several product sized tubs, 1 KG, 5KG, 10kg and 20kg bags.

Recycled Red Bricks

  • LSSHGS Carry Second Hand Red bricks which have been reclaimed from building sites.
  • They are a full-size red brick. Sizes are 230mm x 75 x 110mm.
  • We would usually carry a couple of pellets in stock and clients are welcome to come in and peruse the stock.


  • At SHGS we carry a large range of Bricklaying ties

Available in:

  • Face Fix Ties
  • Expansion Ties
  • Double Ring Ties
  • U Shape Ties
  • Veneer Ties
  • Frame Ties
  • 90 degree Ties

Wooden Pegs

  • Packs of 300mm + 450mm are carried at SHGS.

Hydraulic Acid

  • SHGS carry hydraulic acids in 3 sizes, 1 litre, 4 Litres and 20 Litres.
  • Theres a Container exchange for the 20 Ltr drums.
  • Uses are for Brick and metal cleaning, pH adjusting for pool water and cleaning concrete floors.

Star Pickets

  • SHGS carry an extensive range of metal star pickets and safety yellow caps.
  • Sizes carried are : 450/600/900/1350/1650/1800 + 2400mm.

Subfloor Vents

  • SHGS carry both the single and double sub floor vents for bricklaying.