Located only 2 suburbs to the south of Kew is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. We have an extensive range of bulk products, building and garden supplies for both tradesman and general public in Kew. Click on the link If you are looking for building supplies for a building site or landscape job in Kew, then Surrey Hills Garden Supplies will be able to supply your requirements.

We carry many different types of building products.

If you looking to source building supplies and garden supplies in Kew, then look no further than Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. Conveniently located at 682 Canterbury Rd Surrey hills, we can get the product around to your site within 2 hours !

Building products include

  • bar chairs in sizes 25/40, 50/65, 75/90 and trench bar chairs
  • Besser blocks
  • bluestone pitchers
  • Liquid Lime
  • treated pine sleepers
  • wooden pegs
  • star pickets
  • brick weld
  • dampcourse
  • steel garden edging
  • hoop iron
  • hydrochloric acid in 3 different sizes
  • subfloor vents
  • oxides in a variety of colours

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Whether you are looking for building supplies or garden supplies in Camberwell, Surrey Hills Garden Supplies is the logical choice for your requirements. Contact us on the phone 9890 3901, Email – or Instant Msg on our website.