Scoria, Building & Garden Supplies in Chadstone.

Located only 3 suburbs to the North of Chadstone is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. We have an extensive range of building and garden supplies for both tradesman, commercial sites and general public of Chadstone. If you are looking for scoria for a retaining wall or landscape project in Chadstone, then Surrey Hills Garden Supplies has all the right products for you. Our scoria is the stone of choice for plumbers and landscapers. Its graded as 14-20mm and sourced locally.

We carry many different types of rock products including 14-20mm Scoria.

If you looking to source scoria, building supplies and garden supplies in Chadstone, then look no further than Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. Located at 680 Canterbury Rd Surrey hills, we can get the product around to your site within 2 hours!

14-20mm Scoria

  • Light weight and porous
  • Provides a stable base for a range of construction and landscape projects
  • Can be used as a base for vegetable planter boxes as a base and assists with drainage in pots
  • Can be used as a backfill/drainage product
  • Can be used a basement as a filling product
  • Can be used as toppings
  • Can be produced in 25kg bags, bulk loads, or truck loads

Other rock products that we carry include

  • Tuscan Toppings (replacement for Lilydale toppings)
  • 20mm B Grade Crushed Rock
  • Large Rock (40, 60 + 100mm rubble) – Orders of 6 Mtrs as a minimum order is required.
  • ¼ minus (7mm aggregate)
  • 14mm Screenings
  • Eco Base (Crusher Dust)

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Whether you are looking for building supplies or garden supplies in Camberwell, Surrey Hills Garden Supplies is the logical choice for your requirements. Contact us on the phone 9890 3901, Email – or Instant Msg on our website.

When you need quality Scoria, building and garden supplies in Chadstone, we deliver within 2 hours for a flat rate of $45 6 days a week.