Applications for Kiln Dried Sand

Applying an “infill” of sand on the top of Artificial or Synthetic Grass is an essential aspect of installing grass. By applying kiln dried Silica sand on the top of Artificial grass and assists in making the grass strands stand proud and weighing the grass down flat.

The Sand is produced from Quartz rock and is crushed, tumbled, processed and dried removing all moisture content.

As a guide we recommend infilling 1 x 20Kg bag for every 3 Mtr Squared 3 ³

This product is painful to use when it’s raining so choose a clear day to apply it.

The sand grains are well rounded with a grain size within the range of 0.15 – 0.6mm.

Applying the sand to the surface is as easy as hand spreading (like you are feeding the chickens). For larger surfaces or sports fields sand spreaders are used. Once applied a broom can be used to evenly spread the sand into the grass.

  • Kiln dried Silica sand is Fine to coarse grains varying in colour from white to yellow
  • Typically, the sand is 30/65 size.
  • At Surrey Hills Garden Supplies, we also carry 15kg bags of Smellbgone TM infill which is an alternative to sand as an infill that absorbs the pet’s urine odour.
  • Kiln dried sand infill Improves the ability of the grass strands to stand upright.
  • Improves the visual aesthetics of the grass.
  • Weighs the grass down to assisting keeping in “weighed down”

Types of Sand
At Surrey Hills Garden Supplies We carry 5 types of sands.

Kiln Dried Silica Sand

White Brick Sand

Washed sand (Concrete Sand)

Triple Washed Sand

Gap Sand

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