Garden Supplies Canterbury

If you are looking to obtain any Garden and Building Supplies in Canterbury Surrey Hills Garden Supplies  are located one suburb away from Canterbury, we have a large range of garden and building supplies everything from garden rakes, bags of pebbles and Mulches.The products are all listed on our website and we are able deliver everything from Crushed Rock, toppings, mulches and Soils. Delivery to Canterbury is a flat rate of $26 and we deliver 6 days a week. Usually, we are able within a few hours notification deliver to Canterbury.

Product Range

The comprehensive range of Garden and building supplies include:

  • Stone & Gravel – 7 products carried at Surrey Hills Garden Supplies: Including Crushed Rock, Tuscan toppings, 4mm Screenings, 20mm concrete mix, scoria, 7mm (1/4 minus) screenings and crusher dust.
  • Sands – We carry 4 types of sands – White brick sand, Washed Sand, Triple Washed sand, and Kiln Dried sand.
  • Cement – We carry several varieties of Cement products. GP Cement, Off White Cement and Rapid Set in Cement Australia Brand.
  • Mulches – We carry 4 high quality mulches,10 mm pine, 20mm pine, Black mulch and Organic mulch.
  • Soils – We carry both our ever-popular blended soil and our premium Organic soil
  • Garden Tools – Rakes, spades, shovels, trowels and even Weed removal tools.

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For all your garden supplies and building supplies in Canterbury, Surrey Hills Garden Supplies is the closest Garden Supplies store. Contact us on the phone 9890 3901, Email – or Instant Message on our website.