Dynamic Lifter

  • is a 15 kg bag of pelletised plant fertiliser and soil improver product.
  • Its ideally suited to fertilize, Flower and vegetable beds, Native plants, roses, fruit trees, potted plants, scrubs and trees.

Poultry Manure

  • SHGS carry Soiltech 25 Ltr Poultry Manure. It’s an all-purpose organic fertiliser suitable for fertilising trees, shrubs, lawns, vegetable and flower gardens.
  • POULTRY Manure has all the essential nutrients for strong, healthy plant growth.

Sheep Manure

  • Creates worm activity, conditions the soil, creates moisture retention and is weed free, SHGS carry it in a 25 Litre bag
  • Its Completely natural, composted manure and chemical free. It Adds humus to improve soil texture and encourage earthworm activity. Sheep Manure has all the essential nutrients for strong, healthy plant growth.

Cow Manure

  • Cow Manure, enriches soil, is free of all weeds and SHGS Carry in in a 30 litre bag.
  • Completely natural, composted manure its chemical free and adds humus to improve soil texture and encourage earthworms


  • Is used to break up clay soils, SHGS carry it in the 25kg bag.
  • It’s a Completely natural – mineral origin product that breaks up clays to improve soil texture.
  • It is suitable for use on lawns and garden beds and won’t burn roots or leaves
  • It Improves water penetration and retention of water in soils.

Barrier Tape

  • 75mm Barrier Tape
  • 100mtr Roll
  • Red and white design

Budget Seed

  • General purpose lawn seed
  • 1 kg bags available at yard.

Charlie Carp

  • 1 ltr concentrates.
  • SHGS carry both the Premium Organic Fertilizer and all purpose fertilizer


  • 750ml Insecticide

Concrete Slabs

We carry a variety of plain concrete slabs, steps and rounds.

  • Concrete slabs are 450mm x 300 and 600 x 450mm
  • Steps are 300 x 300, 450 x 450 and 600 x 600.
  • Rounds are 300mm.

Drought tolerant

  • 1kg Lawn seed
  • Available in bags at yard

Ear plugs & Ear plugs with cord

  • Available with and without cord
  • Two plugs per pack

Garden Lime

  • Helps improve Soil PH and corrects soil acidity
  • 5kg Garden lime bags

Garden Tools

  • Black & Decker Pruners
  • Weed Removers
  • Trowels and Cultivators

General Purpose Gloves

  • Useful for all types of garden works


  • Geotextile has a weight of 140gsm and is made from recycled materials. Rally Geotextile fabric is non-woven made by entangling fibres together, through needle punching. Geotextile has the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect or drain, for use in civil construction, gardening and landscaping. SHGS Carry both 10mtr and 50 Mtr rolls

High Vis Vest

  • Lightweight
  • High Vision
  • Compliant to – AS/NZS 4602:1999.

Joining Tape

  • Used for joining artificial turf
  • Available in 20mtr and 5mtr rolls

Lawn Repairer

  • Lawn starter for repairing patches
  • 1kg Packs available at the yard

Lawn Seed

  • Fast germinating
  • General purpose lawn seed
  • 1kg sow and save

Lawn Starter Kits

  • Used to start new laws
  • 1kg Packs available at the yard

Leather Gloves

  • Available in sizes S/M/L/XL


We carry 2 sizes of paver in 3 different colours.

  • Style is Euro Classic
  • Sizes are 300 x 300mm + 400mm x 400mm
  • Colours are Charcoal, Oatmeal and Sandstone.
  • Supplier is Adbri Masonary

Plastic Edging

  • Plastic and Wood Compisite Grass edging
  • 90mm high x 10 mtrs

Pooch Couch

  • Munns Pouch Couch
  • 1kg bag contains seed starter
  • Anti bird deterrent


  • Used for landscaping tiling & Bricklaying
  • 200mm x 125mm x 75mm

Safety Bollards

  • 1150mm High
  • Reflective tape
  • 8 kg base

Star Pickets

We carry an extensive range of Black tar and Galvanised star picket sizes.

  • 450/600/900/1350/1650/1800/2100/2400.
  • Sold individually or in a pack of 10.

Synthetic Grass Nails

  • 150mm (6”) metal nails for securing artificial grass down.

Treated Pine Sleepers

  • At SHGS we carry a large range of Treated Pine sleepers.

Available in:

  • 50mm x 200mm x 2.4mtrs
  • 75mm x 200mm x 2.4mtrs
  • 75mm x 200mm x 2.7mtrs
  • 75mm x 200mm x 3mtrs
  • 100mm x 200mm x 2.4mrs

Valley Seeds

  • Drought tolerant grass seed blend
  • Combination of Ryes grasses
  • Fescue with 10% fetilizer
  • Carried in 5kg  and 25kg packs

Witches Hats

  • High Vis Orange
  • 700mm High

Weed Mat

  • For weed control in domestic and horticultural applications
  • Spun bonded, Non-Woven.