Located around 13km North East of Glen Huntly is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. We have extensive range of building and garden supplies for both tradesman and general public in Glen Huntly. If you are looking for concrete products including 20kg bags of conmix for a building site or for a house project in Glen Huntly, Surrey Hills Garden Supplies have the concrete products for you.  We also carry conmix in our bulk bin, both with 14mm and 7mm aggregate. Simply add water to the 2okg bags and you have concrete.

We carry a range of concrete products, including concrete mix in 20kg bags and in bulk.

Concrete mix

  • is a quality blend of cement, sand, and aggregates – just add water
  • is designed for small projects around the home and garden
  • can be used for garden edges, mower strips, paths, foundations, footings, and posts
  • is ideal for garden slabs, uprights for pergolas and paviours
  • can be purchased in the yard or delivered in 20kg bags
  • Australian made Cement Australia quality product.

We also carry:

  • Builders cement – a blend of fly ash or slag blend cement improves workability.
  • Off white cement – practical with aesthetic and decorative purposes.
  • General Purpose cement – primarily used for construction projects
  • Rapid set – specifically formulated to harden quickly.
  • Mortar Mix – perfect for general mortar applications.
  • Hydrated Lime – can be blended with sand and cement to increase workability.

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