Black Midnight Mulch

Black Midnight Mulch is produced from recycled timber.  The timber is produced in a grinder hammer mill free from any foreign materials as the product goes through a number of processes to remove foreign objects such as nails, staples and plastics. It is then put through a colour process using environmentally friendly products. The Longalife® coloured mulches have the added bonus of retaining colour for a substantial period than traditional mulches. It is recommended that coloured mulches are turned over with shovel or pitchfork every 6 weeks. The Black Midnight mulch is purely a decorative mulch and has no fertilising or organic properties.

Black Mulch should be applied to the soil surface and not dug into the soil. It’s important to keep mulches away from the stems of plants to prevent mould or fungal disease in the bark. A layer of 50mm – 100mm will give the best results for retaining moisture and preventing weed growth. It is recommended to wear gloves when spreading Black Mulch and laying the bulk product on a tarp when it is delivered as it’s a dyed product and will stain.

  • Black Midnight mulch Supplements soil nutrients.
  • Helps with water retention
  • Weed suppressant.