10mm Pine Bark

10mm Pine Bark – Chocolatey-brown nuggets in appearance .10mm Pine Bark is a premium product choice for “high profile” landscaping works, particularly used in plant-scape areas aiming to contrast to existing buildings. It’s also known as Cottage Bark or Tan Bark. It’s renowned for its ability not to blow or wash away, but still allows airflow to the soil, as well as being excellent at water retention. It is long lasting, has good capacity to absorb and retain moisture. Installation should be to a depth of 100mm for new applications and typically 50-75mm for “top up” installations.

10mm pine mulch is great to spread under trees and shrubs where leaves and bark fall often as it will blend into the mulch. Pine Bark does not breakdown quickly. It’s also commonly used in playgrounds under playground equipment. It should be applied to the soil surface and not dug into the soil. It’s important to keep mulches away from the stems of plants to prevent mould or fungal disease in the bark.

  • 10mm Pine bark Supplements soil nutrients
  • Helps with water retention
  • Weed suppressant.
  • Will provide soil with much needed organic matter as it breaks down over time.