Mulch, BUILDING & GARDEN SUPPLIES IN Blackburn north

Located about 5km South-West of Blackburn North is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. We have an extensive range of building and garden supplies for both tradesman and general public in Blackburn North. If you are looking for a high quality range of mulch for a garden bed or landscape project in Blackburn North, then Surrey Hills Garden Supplies has the right product for you. Our mulch is available in 5 varieties of styles.

We Supply 5 different types of mulches.

If you looking to source mulch, building supplies and garden supplies in Blackburn North, then look no further than Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. Conveniently located at 680 Canterbury Rd Surrey hills, we can get the product around to your site within 2 hours!

We carry

10mm Pine Bark

  • premium product choice for ‘high profile’ landscaping works
  • also known as Cottage Bark or Tan Bark
  • renowned for being long-lasting, moisture retaining with excellent air flow

20mm Pine Bark

  • generally used to cover large open areas of larger garden beds
  • is extremely low maintenance
  • great to spread under trees and shrubs

Black mulch

  • produced from recycled timber
  • is purely decorative with no fertilising or organic properties
  • Enhances the colours of plants

Organic mulch

  • also known as compost mulch
  • comprised of soft garden organics, leaves, and small branches
  • slowly releases nutrients to improve soil

Soft play Mulch

  • certified for playgrounds
  • is a versatile product that can be used in playgrounds and garden beds
  • 8 Mtr loads are a minimum order

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