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Located about 12 minutes drive to the North-East of Malvern East is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. We have an extensive range of garden and building supplies for both tradesman and general public in Malvern East. If you are looking for a high quality garden mix to top up a vege patch or garden bed, planter box or even a landscape project in Malvern East, then Surrey Hills Garden Supplies has the ideal product for you.

We carry 3 types of soils available at the yard

If you looking to source topsoil, building supplies and garden supplies in Malvern East, then look no further than Surrey Hills Garden Supplies. Located at 680 Canterbury Rd Surrey hills, we can get the product around to your site within 2 hours and sometimes sooner!

Our premium organic soil

  • contains 50% organic mulch and 50% blended soil
  • Ideal for planter boxes or Vegetable Patches
  • High Quality Garden Soil

Our Blended Soil (Garden mix)

  • Is an prefer soil solution under Instant Turf
  • Contains several ingredients – Saw dust, Sandy loam, chicken manure & pine fines
  • Also, ideal to top up garden beds
  • Helps improve poor soil by adding nutrients

Our Native mix

  • contains 50% washed sand and 50% blended soil
  • native garden mix is a sandier version of our blended soil
  • it helps with drainage issues
  • is suitable for Australian native plants
  • is a natural mix, so slight variations may occur

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Whether you are looking for building supplies or garden supplies in Camberwell, Surrey Hills Garden Supplies is the logical choice for your requirements. Contact us on the phone 9890 3901, Email – or Instant Msg on our website.