Located adjacent to the suburb of Box Hill is Surrey Hills Garden Supplies, We have extensive range of building and garden supplies for tradesman and general public in Box Hill. If you are looking for Brick Sand for laying bricks or packing sand underneath concrete slabs in Box Hill at Surrey Hills Garden Supplies we have the Brick sand for you. We procure the sand from Skye sands and it’s a high quality brick sand with a high fatty content.

We carry 4 types of sand products in bulk bins.

If you looking to source sand products, building supplies and garden supplies in Box Hill look no further than Surrey Hills Garden Supplies located at 682 Canterbury Rd Surrey hills to get the product around to your site within 2 hours !

  • White Brick sand
  • Washed sand / Concrete sand
  • Triple washed sand
  • Kiln Dried Sand

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Whether you are looking for building supplies or garden supplies in Camberwell, Surrey Hills Garden Supplies is the logical choice for your requirements. Contact us on the phone 9890 3901, Email – or Instant Msg on our website.