How to prepare an area for a vegetable garden

After a trip to the local green grocer on Whitehorse Road Balwyn, you have decided it will be more cost effective and rewarding to grow your own vegetables, and they will taste better as well. You can even share them amongst your family and friends. Below are a few tips on where to start and how to prepare the area for all those healthy tomatoes, beans, carrots, whatever your heart desires.

Firstly, you need to decide what to grow, this will be influenced by what you like to eat and use the most. Remember that some plants will keep giving throughout their season (tomatoes, capsicums) so you will not need as many plants, whereas other plants will only mature once a season (carrots, corn) so if you want more of these, you will need extra plants.

Now that you have made the decision of what to grow, you need to determine how much space you will need. This will also depend on how big an area you have, remembering that some plants can grow in pots as well. Plan and draw a rough draft of how you would like the garden to look, with the exact spacing between plants to ensure a healthy growth and spread. Generally there is information on the back of the packet seed for individual planting guidelines, including the best time of the year to plant your seeds.

An area with full sun for most of the day with moist, well-drained soil is ideal for most vegetables; however, lettuce and other leafy vegetables can grow in shade. If you are after a more decorative look, you can build a border around the area using railway or pine sleepers to create a special effect. Once you have loosened the soil with a garden fork, work in some compost to add extra nutrients to the soil, water and let the soil ‘rest’ for several days before you begin planting the seeds. Plant your seeds according to your design, and the manufacturer’s recommendations, and wait for your wonderful vegetables to grow.

If you want help with sourcing materials for your planned vegetable garden, the don’t hesitate to contact the team at Surrey Hills Garden Supplies.

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